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About Me

IT Professional by day and freelance commercial photographer by night, the wonderful city of Dubai has presented many opportunities to me. While photography initially presented itself as a hobby, it has become a passion and mania that has often left my wallet empty in search of the next great shot.

I bought my first camera when I earned my first salary and I've never looked back since. A lot of my photographic work is in the Automotive field where I shoot for car reviews and social media campaigns. I've also had experience in photographing artwork for accurate color reproduction for limited edition prints, online gallery sales, etc. 

I've been a featured photographer for Fujifilm with their X Series of cameras, and my images have also been published in various local media. 

I'm a student of light and crave experimenting with new ways to present people and things. 

If you'd like to hire me for your next project, please feel free to click the Contact link on the left. 

Tel: +971.50.1149148

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