First Blog Post - Brian Donegan Photography

As simple as that, the first test blog post goes up. 

Here is the first image associated with this post. This shot was taken last year when we actually had a few clouds up in the sky on a Dubai "winter" evening. We managed to find a nice secluded spot just off the main highway where the gravel was just hard enough for the car to safely go off-road. 

Bentley Continental GT - Sunset

The post-processing behind this image uses luminosity masks in photoshop to selectively blend in different parts of the image shot at varying exposure levels. 

Nik Software's (now Google) Color Efex Pro 4 was used to punch up overall details and grit on the ground and then selectively masked in as well. 

I use this technique a lot in my images today as HDR tone-mapping causes a lot of noise and unwanted artefacts in the final output once sharpened. 

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