The Goan Monsoon - Brian Donegan Photography

The Goan Monsoon

July 2014 - So began my next adventure, but this time a trip back home to Goa. I was tremendously excited nonetheless as it was monsoon season which meant cloudy skies, lush greens and rains were eminent. Why does the prospect of dreary weather excite me ? I live in Dubai, where at the time the highs for the day touch up to 45 degrees centigrade and there not a cloud in the sky to be seen for most of the year.

A five minute drive out of the main city of Margao and this scene coupled with the weather cooled my senses immediately. 

Calm pastures before the storm
The View from Bethul Cross

The goan monsoon is an off-season for tourism, though you still spot the occasional jet-setter savouring the wonderful cuisine India's smallest state has to offer. Fishing has a seasonal ban to allow the supply to thrive, so visits to the harbours see all the trawlers tied up. 

Trees in Motion

Day 2:

Day two involved a trip to the local market and I got to ride with my dad on his scooter. That gave me a great chance to grab some street stills while on the move. As we stopped for lunch, I managed to get this shot of a pleasantly relaxed individual. I must say I was quite envious. 

Afternoon Snooze

Day 3 - The School:

We went to visit a distant relative of ours who happened to live near a local primary school. Classes were done for the day and the children were waiting for the busses to come and pick them up. Hardly had one of them spotted me with camera in hand and in a coupe of seconds I had poses of all kinds demonstrated at will. 

Seeing the elation on their faces as I shoed them the image preview on the back of the screen led me to remember the days when life was a lot simpler and care free. 

The Gang


So how heavy did my camera bag have to be to get these shots? Well, you'd be surprised to know all the items were small and light enough to fit into my carry on luggage. 

My only camera for the trip was my trusty Fuji X100S with the long and wide angle conversion lenses. As I knew I wanted to grab a couple of landscape shots, I took my Lee 100mm filters Kit along with the appropriate sized filter ring. Lastly, for support, I packed my 3 Legged Thing Eddie tripod along with the ball head. Additionally I packed and extra battery and the charger. 

All this easily fit into my carry on and was below the carry on weight limit. 

Post processing on the street shots were mostly VSCO film presets from lightroom and lanscapes were processed using photoshop and Nik (now Google) plugins.

Until the next one...

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