Turkey : The Honeymoon - Part 1 - Cappadocia - Brian Donegan Photography

At long last this post goes live…

Yes folks, Johanna and I finally tied the knot on the 28th of December last year. The wedding was amazing and we were blessed to have our family and friends gracing the occasion. We had to put our honeymoon on hold due to leave logistics and once we got our holidays approved, selected Turkey as our destination. Armed with a light camera bag, I packed my trusty X100S and Johanna had our latest Fuji addition to the family, the new XQ1.

The view was simply breathtaking from our cave hotel - Taskonaklar. We were lucky to get an upgrade to the Royal Suite with a private Jacuzzi on the open terrace from where I took the shot above. Ultimately though we didn’t use it as it was really cold with temperatures dropping down to 0 deg C at night.

During the day, we were left in awe at the beauty of the landscapes as we toured the many historical sites and underground cities, many of which are declared world heritage sites and protected by UNESCO.

Looks deserted, but there are over 10 storeys of underground tunnels beneath this simple pathway.

Icing on the cake was the chance to catch an early morning hot air balloon ride in freezing temperature. Glad that we were right under the blowtorch keeping the balloon afloat.

Stay tuned for part 2…

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